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Product e-brochures

Integrated Circuit Cooling Heat Sinks Catalog >
Heat Sinks for microprocessors, AICs, SRAM, BGAs, multichannel modules, and other integrated circuits.


Board Level Power Semiconductor Heat Sinks Catalog>
A wide variety of heat dissipaters with various attachment mechanisms for surface mount and thru-hole power semiconductors packaged in industry standard plastic, ceramic, and metal cases such as D2Pak, TO-220, TO-3 to TO-247, DO-4 to DO-11, multiwatt, hex-type, and stud mount devices.

Extruded Heat Sinks Catalog >
For cooling single and multiple high-power devices packaged in industry standard semiconductor case styles: TO-3 to TO-247, DO-4 to DO-30, hex type, and stud mount, press pack devices; power modules; SCRs, IGBTs, I/O devices, and other isolated flat base devices in both natural and forced convection.

DC/DC Converter Heat Sink Catalog >
A variety of standard and custom heat sinks to keep DC/DC Converters cool when heat is generated.

Precision Clamp Systems Catalog >
Mounting Clamps for IGBT and SCR Assemblies ranging from 800lbs to 16,000lbs with torque indicator.

Liquid Cold Plates Catalog >
Both standard and custom cold plates for higher power applications where conventional cooling is no longer acceptable.

Stacked Fin Heat Sink Catalog >
A variety of heat sinks that offers an extruded fin system that interlocks together to make possible fabrication of large sized densely packed fin structures for high power heat sink requirements.


Heat Pipe Brochure >


Fan Brochure >

Thermal Management Accessory Products Catalog >
Cost effective accessory products that facilitate installation and improve the thermal performance of both standard and custom heat sinks. Includes thermal joint compounds, filled epoxy systems, adhesives, washers, pads, and mounting hardware.

Technical Products Catalog >
Wakefield-Vette's North Carolina Operations manufacturers Custom Front Panels, Heat Frames, Enclosures, and Wedgelocks for the Embedded Computer and Aerospace & Defesnse Industries

Aluminum Extrusion Standard Shapes Catalog >
With Aluminum Extrusion Presses Wakfield Solutions offers thousands of standard shapes and sizes including Flat Bar, Flat Bar Corners, Square Bar, Channels, Equel Leg Angles, Unequal Leg Angles, Rectangular Tubes, Square Tubes, Round Rod, Extruded Pipe, Round Tubes, Tees, I Beam, Zee Bar, and Structural Angles. Also included in this brochure are standard tolerances.