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Mountain Series Heat Sinks for TO-264, TO-247 Devices

Wakefield-Vette's Mountain Series Heat Sinks are high performance, low cost, configurable, scalable  and compact with a matrix clip system for TO220, TO-247, TO-264 and other standard packages. This type powerful heat sink provides easiest assembly, largest surface areas, smallest space occupation and all-in-one solution. The power dissipations can be easily increased simply by extending the fin height on each side of the heat sink, while keeping the heat sink height and PCB layout the same.  It is the ideal type of heat sink for high power density and small size (1U or 2U) electronic packaging with forced convention cooling. 


● Minimum assembly cost and labor  Spring Clips make the mounting holes and fasteners obsolete in assembly operations & reduce costs. 

● Maximum Thermal Transfer Maximum surface area per unit volume, efficient cooling fins & consistent mounting force reduces thermal resistance 

● Maximum Repeatability Constant spring force over repeated assembly/disassembly  

● Maximum Reliability Resilient spring action locks electronic component in place. Fewer parts in assembly and no fasteners and washers required. Prevent short circuit by eliminating metal particles generated from hardware or thread tapping  

Data Sheets

Part Number Package Cooled Attachment Length Width Height Off Base (Height of Fin) Thermal Resistance @ Forced Air Flow
MTN-264-55 TO-247 and TO-264 Clip and PC Pin 2.17" (55.11mm) 1.740" (44.3mm) 1.56" (39.5mm) 3.7°C/W @ 18 Watts
MTN-264-27 TO-247 and TO-264 Clip and PC Pin 1.06" (27mm) 1.740" (44.3mm) 1.56" (39.5mm) 5.5°C/W @ 18 Watts