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Thermal Solutions from Smart to Finish
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Bonded Fin

Wakefield Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of natural and forced convection bonded fin heat sink assemblies. Configurable in a variety of ways, they are reliable, cost effective, and highly efficient thermal management solutions for high power and densely packaged applications, even in demanding shock and vibration environments. Bonded fin heat sinks are used when the required combination of large heat sink size, tall fins and high fin density make simple extrusions impractical.

We offer these products in our standard catalogue and also custom fabricated to meet a customer's specific needs.

Bonded Fin Data Sheets (right click below to download)

Custom Bonded FIn Heat Sinks & Assemblies Data Sheet

Bonded Fin Convection Series #1Data Sheet

Bonded Fin Convection Series #2 Data Sheet

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