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Universal 678 Series Vertical Heat Sink for Power Devices


Part Number




Thermal Resistance @ Forced Air Flow


Universal Heat Sink for TO Devices w/Screw Hole, Black Anodize

1.520" (38.61mm)

2.362" (60.00mm)

0.6°C/W @ 600 LFM


Universal Heat Sink for TO Devices w/ Clip, Black Anodize

1.520" (38.61mm)

2.362" (60.00mm)

0.6°C/W @ 600 LFM

Wakefield-Vette introduces Universal 678 series, high performance, low cost  and versatile heat sink with screw or clip for all kinds of standard packages. This type of heat sink provides both vertical and horizontal mounting options on PCB to accommodate natural and forced convection cooling method.


•Heat Sink: Aluminum Alloy 6063-T5 or Equivalent with either degreased or black anodized finish
•Spring Clip: Music Wire, Per ASTM A228 with bright nickel plating
•Solder Foot: Cold-rolled Steel, Per ASTM A-366 with pure tin over copper strike. RoHS compliant.
•Insulator (Optional): t-Global H48-1, L37-3F and H48-6S. The  thickness  of  the  insulating  material  not  to  exceed  10 mil (0.01”). 


●Minimum assembly cost and labor- Spring Clips make the mounting holes and fasteners obsolete in assembly operations & reduce costs.

●Design Flexibility- Universal mountable and “one fits all” give designers total freedom to fit their packaging designs with ideal device pak style and to orient the heat sink to meet their power dissipations with optimized cooling method. (see page 2 of data sheet)