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219 Series- SMT Heat Sinks

Innovation in SMT compatible heat sinks to meet the needs of newer higher power SMT semiconductors. The 219 Series heat sinks unique design (Patent Pending) combines the technology of automatically assembling the tin plated solderable wires/rods with that of extruded aluminum anodized heat sink body to configure these SMT heat sinks. Rods/wires named "Rollers" are mated mechanically to the heat sink body by forging to reduce the interface thermal resistance between the drains & heat dissipation body.

Features & Benefits: 
• Increased thermal performance up to 30% over bright copper heat sinks from improved radiation of the black finish 
• Increased surface areas by 3 times therefore  thermal performance up to 300% over the aluminum stamped heat sinks on markets 
• Light weight aluminum construction allows faster pick and place assembly reducing the manufacturing cycle time 
• Radius mounted “Rollers” are designed for maximizing heat transfer from component and to avoid “bottle neck” heat transfer like the Aluminum stamped heat sinks
• Available in bulk packaging or Tape & Reel 

Data Sheets Below

WKV Part Number Description Length Width Height Off Base (Height of Fin)
219-263A TO-263 HEAT SINK ANODZD 0.500"  1.020"  0.480" 
219-263A-TR TO-263 HEAT SINK ANODZD TAPE&REEL  0.500"  1.020" 0.480" 
219-263B TO-263 HEAT SINK ANODZD 0.500"  1.39" 0.480"
219-263B-TR TO-263 HEAT SINK ANODZD TAPE&REEL 0.500"  1.39" 0.480" 
219-268A TO-268 HEAT SINK ANODZD 0.500" 1.580"  0.460"
219-268A-TR TO-268 HEAT SINK ANODZD TAPE&REEL 0.500"  1.580"  0.460"