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New! High Performance Board Level Heat Sinks

219 Bridge Series for SMT Semiconductors

Innovation in SMT compatible heat sinks to meet the needs of newer higher power SMT semiconductors. The 219 Series heat sinks unique design (Patent Pending) combines the technology of automatically assembling the tin plated solderable wires/rods with that of extruded aluminum anodized heat sink body to configure these SMT heat sinks. Rods/wires named "Rollers" are mated mechanically to the heat sink body by forging to reduce the interface thermal resistance between the drains & heat dissipation body.

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678 Universal Series for Power Devices

Wakefield-Vette introduces Universal 678 series, high performance, low cost  and versatile heat sink with screw or clip for all kinds of standard packages. This type of heat sink provides both vertical and horizontal mounting options on PCB to accommodate natural and forced convection cooling method.

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MTN Mountain Series for TO-264, TO-247 Devices

Wakefield-Vette's Mountain Series Heat Sinks are high performance, low cost, configurable, scalable  and compact with a matrix clip system for TO220, TO-247, TO-264 and other standard packages. This type powerful heat sink provides easiest assembly, largest surface areas, smallest space occupation and all-in-one solution. The power dissipations can be easily increased simply by extending the fin height on each side of the heat sink, while keeping the heat sink height and PCB layout the same.  It is the ideal type of heat sink for high power density and small size (1U or 2U) electronic packaging with forced convention cooling.

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