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Ceramic Heat Sink for TO Devices w/omniKlip

Wakefield- Vette  introduces heatsinks made from alumina and aluminum nitride for thermal management of high-power/ voltage electronics, photovoltaic, LED, power resistors and other applications.  While electrically insulating and thermally conducting, the ceramic heatsink is an effective combination for the circuit board and heatsink reliability of cooling thermally sensitive components and circuits. The power chip dies can be directly bonded onto ceramic heatsink as a module substrate to eliminate the thermal barriers to quickly dissipate the generated heat. These heatsinks extend component life and enhance performance.


An innovative ceramic (Patent Pending) heatsink with unique design combines the tin plated solderable integral omniKlip spring with a molded aluminum oxide (Al2O3) or aluminum nitride (AlN) heatsink body to be mountable onto the PCB directly with no other fasteners needed. Unlike any others, this type of heatsink provides ease of assembly and an all-in-one solution (one part does all). It can be used with different package devices, such as TO-220, TO-247, TO-264 and TO-218 package, etc. series power devices with either natural or forced convention cooling. 

Click on Part Number below for Data Sheet

WkV Part Number


Package Cooled

Attachment Method



Height Off Base (Height of Fin)

Thermal Resistance @ Forced Air Flow

Thermal Resistance @ Natural


Ceramic Heat Sink for TO Devices w/omniKlip

TO-220, TO-247

Solderable Feet




3.8°C/W @ 200 LFM

7.0°C/W @ 200 LFM

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