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Technical specifications:
  • System enclosures 1 U, 150,200, 250, 300, 350 mm deep. 
  • Easy to assemble with just4 screws. 
  • Optionally for use as an instrument case or 19˝ rackmount enclosure. 
  • Front panel to hold an over lay to conceal the screws. 
  • Maximum interior space.
  • Optional EMC upgrades with additional EMC gaskets.
  • Option of installing 1 VME or CPCI board horizontally.

-System enclosure 1 U, to IEC 60 297-1. Optionally available for 19˝ rackmounting in the enclosure or as an instrument case version.
-Equipped as an instrument case.
-Equipped as a rackmount unit.

Material/surface finish:

  • Side panels: Extruded aluminum section, untreated
  • Base/cover trays: Aluminum, clear-chromated
  • Front/rear panel: Extruded aluminum section, clear-chromated
  • Mounting plate: Sheet steel