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Wakefield-Vette is THE leader in the application of additive manufacturing in thermal management applications.  Cutting edge aluminum alloys with superior performance are used in the design, analysis and manufacturing of heat sinks, heat exchangers and liquid cold plates.  Wakefield-Vette also has the ability to customize the additive process by using the latest innovations in 3D printing technologies for metal using laser powder bed sintering in combination with world class subtractive manufacturing such as CNC milling and machining.  Wakefield-Vette has the experience and engineering resources to maximize the performance of your design and guide you toward the appropriate finishing processes and chemistries along with integration and thermal interface solutions. 

Additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D metal printing, encompasses many technologies and processes.  However, in most cases, the benefits are mostly found when AM can:

  • Make small complex parts with a high number of subtractive/cutting steps
  • Minimize programming and up-front problem solving
  • Reduce lower overhead operations such as fixtures and tools

Additive manufacturing is valuable beyond prototypes and fast turn times.  In production setting, Wakefield-Vette has found that AM can be applied to:

  • Simplified Assemblies:  complex assemblies that can printed as one part reduces assembly time, part count and manufacturing steps
  • Optimized Geometries:  increase performance of a heat sink or liquid cooling with optimized geometry that would be hard to produce due to tooling, fixtures or cost
  • Digital Inventory and Legacy Parts:  reduce lead time, batch costs and MOQs by using AM for your inventory of spare parts by making them only when needed.

To learn more about our processes and how we can apply them to your specific thermal challenges, please contact our sales and engineering team.