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Wakefield-Vette offers precisions clamps, wedgelocks, front panels, and thermal interface material as a way to complete the packaged solution. Precision clamps are used to secure SCRs and other puck-style devices to the heat sink, and can be combined with the heat sink to form an easy-to-assemble kit. This kit could also include a thermal interface material. The interface material can also be applied to the heat sink prior to shipping to provide greater ease of assembly. Wakefield-Vette does offer a few standard interface materials (grease, epoxy), but we work with all interface material manufacturers and can pre-apply most materials to the heat sink.

Wakefield-Vette also offers a line of wedgelocks which are used with heat frames/conduction plates to provide the necessary clamping force to ensure good thermal transfer. The wedgeslocks are offered in a variety of styles and profiles to suit your application. Just like the clamps, the wedgelocks can be kitted with the heat frames or shipped separately.

Wakefield-Vette offers front panels associated with VME, PCI, ATCA, and other industry standards. We stock components from all major manufacturers of electronic packaging which can be installed on the front panels. Front panels can be delivered with or without silk-screening to meet the customer's final needs.